Top Reasons to Attend
Unmatched Connections
Grow your network by connecting with leading suppliers and partner organizations.
Empowering Content
Best-in-class thought leadership focused on corporate and personal goals.
Inspiration & Inclusion
Be inspired by women business leaders. Hear how to unleash the power of inclusion.
Proven Results
Connections and content to drive your IT security strategy & plans
“From start to finish, The Channel Company's event was an unparalleled experience. The seamless organization, diverse range of topics covered, and caliber of speakers made it a must-attend for anyone serious about staying ahead in the industry and as a women in tech. Beyond the informative sessions, the networking opportunities were invaluable, allowing me to connect with like-minded professionals and explore potential opportunities. Without a doubt, this event has equipped me with the insights and connections needed to drive me forward in my job search. I am already counting down the days until the next one!"
Anna Hobbs Maddox, Backblaze
“This event is something I look forward to each year & it is a great opportunity to connect with other women in the channel and is advantageous at every level of your career. I am always encouraged by the amazing speakers that are inspirational, relatable, and courageous. I leave the event with determination and a sense of no fear for what my future holds and what I can accomplish knowing the network of women I have as a support!”
Emily Jackson, rF IDEAS
“When you can get 500 women into a room, it always makes an impact on you that the tech community is changing and changing for the better. I've been in tech for nearly 20 years and to see these types of events grow in popularity and size is signifying that change is not just coming but happening.”
Mo Nachtsheim, Zscaler
“After hearing from such influential and motivational women in the channel I learned that you must be your authentic self, have confidence in your voice, and through struggle comes success. We must push the boundaries of what’s possible, lean in to being brave, and know we are not alone in our challenges or aspirations. Through hard work and determination, together we can accomplish anything.”
Ashley Giebe, Juniper Networks